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About Me

My name is Andy Fairweather (NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach) and I know what it's like to want change. Helping people is what I am passionate about. Why?  I know what it's like to feel down or low, and as if you have the world on your shoulders.


A lot of people change their enviroment to make them feel better....for example, i went to Australia (the other side of the world for me), in pursuit of "happiness"... my biggest learning was that the first person to meet me off the plane was me.  Yes my enviroment had changed and it felt good and exciting for a week or so, but it was short lived.

My needs, values and beliefs still remained the same, i took my underlying issues with me like my baggage, but a little heavier....True and lasting happiness comes from inside us, it really is an inside job.  Happiness is not something you get, or buy....it's simply something you do.

I will also incoperate core identity coaching in your sessions, to offer personal development at a much deeper level.  I will find out your limiting beliefs, get to the route of exactly what you ultimately believe about yourself, and work for changes to empower you, rather than limit you.

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